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Our Unique Committment to You
Whether you're new to the game or have been playing for a while, 
​> you deserve a product that is  ​easy to play

​    > It should be  ​simple and clear  on how to play. 

​        > We believe our solitaire stat-based football simulation games
​           > are the best you will find. 

Automated Play Calling System 
The Transaction Cards along with the Game Card will deterlmine the
​> the Ball-Carriers & Intended Receivers.  

​      Note: Biggest Advantage: OurAutomatic Play Calling System does
​                                                    not inflate the numbers (stats) like play-
​                                                    calling systems.  
Product Description
  • Play-by-play posting onto Game Logs/Scorecards
  • Create Box Scores/Game Summaries 
  • Compile/Analyze Player Stats
  • Automated Play Calling System
  • 3" by 5" Index Design 
  • Actual Teams/Players    
  • Statistical Accuracy                             Company's Mantra
  • Solitaire Play                                                    " Keep It Simple"  

Product Innovation
Our Automated Play Calling System delivers:
  • ​A hugh dose of Statistical Accuracy
  • ​Realistic Statistical Performances   
  • True-to-Life Game Situations
About Us
The Gregory Game Company
​> Maker of the solitaire, stat-based football & baseball games.
   > We are excited about our games.
​      > We have received a tremendous response to it.    

​> We focus on the accuracy and realism of the game
​    > instead of the graphics.              

​> Because we don't make video or computer games,
   > we're not exactly a household name.  

​> But, among serious sports enthusiast, The Gregory Game Company's
​    > name is synonymous with solitaire stat-based simulation games. 

Statistically Speaking
"Our Automated Play Calling System is what sets us apart from our
​  competition by delivering Spontaneous results."  

​" The affection that we have for our Products leads to the Gratitude 
   that we  receive from our customers."   

​" Play this game for a minute or two and see why it is so addicting." 

 We didn't just make a sports game, we made a sports game that's a 
​   Statistician's Dream!" 

​" You see, Stat-Based Simulation games is not our side-businesss, it's 
​   out only passion."   
Contact Us
​1. Please keep in mind that we are a small company.
​2. Between the few of us, we must maintain and manage all aspects of the business.
3. Keep in mind when you write, time is very precious to us. 
​4. We'll try to answer all emails within 24 hours
5. You'll get a faster response by email than by telephone.  
​6. If you have a question (s) or comment (s) about our games, website, or order, 
​    > we will answer all emails personally. 
​       > And take each one seriously. 

​Th Gregory Game Company 
​224 Murphy Avenue
​Steubenville, OH 43952-2548  

[email protected]    


Customer Service
1. We offer full refunds on products returned to us in un-used, unopened, unscoffed, 
     new condition within five (5) days after receiving your order. 
​2. Refunds = Purchase Price - Shipping Charges  
​3. The Gregory Game Company is not responsible for the loss or damage on any 
​     uninsured return. The customer is responsible for resolving this issue with the carrier.
​4. If we made a mistake with your order, please contact us within five (5) days of receiving
​    your order. Sometimes we make an occasional mistake. We will fix that mistake as 
​    quickly as possible at no charge to you.  
Old Former Website:      
  • ​We changed our name to reflect where our games are today
  • ​Besides pro football, we create baseball, college football, and high school football. 
  • Sports Replays is our new identity    

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